100% driven by the sun

Today we "flipped the switch" to solar power.

We were lucky enough to be joined by several local leaders including Ken Colburn of the Maine Climate Council, Brian Hubbell of the Governor’s Office of Policy Innovation and the Future, and local State Representative Nicole Grohoski.

sun flare on the horizon behind the solar-panel-lined dealership

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Share the Love with Birdsacre and the Beth C Wright Center for Cancer Care

Banner for Share the Love in 2021 featuring a lights display at the Beth C Wright Cancer Resource Center and an owl at Birdsacre, the Stanwood Wildlife Sanctuary

Share the Love

For every new vehicle sold or leased between now and January 3, Subaru will make a sizeable donation to the charity of your choice. At Stanley Subaru, we added two wonderful local partners: Birdsacre and the Beth C. Wright Center for Cancer Care.

And when one of our guests selects a local charity, Stanley Subaru will make an additional donation to support them!

Service to our community

Not currently in the market for a car? No problem. For every Subaru vehicle routine service visit during the Share the Love Event, Stanley Subaru will donate $5 to our…

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Stanley Subaru will buy your car

line of used vehicles

Did you know we will buy your car? Like, without you having to trade it in to purchase something else. It's true! It's like a reverse dealership! You bring your car to us, and we'll buy it. 

We will look at any make, any model, any mileage and make you an offer! Even if there's a payoff!

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A special review

We get a lot of 5-star google reviews. We don't talk about it a lot, because, honestly, if you want to know how we're doing there, we know you'll go look. But we recently got one that touched us a lot. Our whole team pulled together for these guests, and it feels really nice to have been able to help.

From Susan:

Outstanding, personalized service, exceeding all expectations from Stanley Subaru! While vacationing in Maine my husband and I were in a horrific car accident that totaled our Forester.
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Spreading love and warmth in our community

Several masked members of Stanley Subaru's staff stand with many masked nurses from the Mary Dow Center in the Mary Dow Center lobby

Yesterday we took advantage of an excuse to visit some of our favorite people in our community: we delivered 84 large, sealed (and comfy!) blankets to the Mary Dow Center at Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital and to the Beth C Wright Cancer Resource Center for the patients and heapings of pink Hershey Kisses for the staff.

A basket full of pink-wrapped Hershey Kisses, a rolled blanket tied in a bow, and a pink Stanley Subaru license plate

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Jack's cross-country Crosstrek trek, part one!

Jack is taking a six-week sojourn across the country (across the top, down the side, across the bottom, and up the other side back to us) before he rejoins us in our reconditioning department. On his way, he'll be sharing the scenes seen along the way!

Honestly, it sounds like an amazing way to spend half a summer. We're both grateful and envious of the pictures he's sending our way!

Jack, wearing a Stanley Subaru hat, on his Crosstrek in front a beautiful view of a lea and low mountain

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Everything to know about the all-electric Subaru Solterra coming next year

September update: we were right!

Solterra mostly in silhouette
What we definitely know
  • All-electric
    not hybrid, not fuel-cell; electric, baby!
  • Built on the Subaru global platform
    being made on Subaru's global platform means that you can be sure of the reliability and safety of the chassis. This is going to be a Subaru through and through.
  • Comes to us in 2022
    it's exciting, and it's hard to wait, but it's coming soon
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Lookin' a little different

Jeans for a Cause

You might see something on Fridays you might not expect from the crew at Stanley Subaru this year: denim. We are reviving Jeans for a Cause. Our team is invited to make a cash donation to a community fund. After donating, our employees can show off their comfort and support for our community by wearing jeans the Friday after their donation.

And the community fund? Each quarter, a local nonprofit will benefit the total collected!

So, don't be surprised to find jeans this year at Stanley Subaru. It's just another part of our commitment to our community!

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Responding to the recognition

Shortly after the announcement that Stanley Subaru would receive the Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce’s Top Drawer Award for connection with their community, Subaru of New England named Stanley Subaru 2020's Love Promise Retailer of the Year.

“I was surprised and delighted,” said owner Mark Politte. “Having a positive impact in our community is part of our mission statement.”

Mark volunteering at Bar Harbor Food Pantry

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