Learn About Stanely Subaru's Community Commitment

Stanley Subaru is proud to be a partner in our local community by participating in the Subaru Love Promises. By participating in and supporting the Subaru Love Pillars in our community, we help provide a holistic approach to common needs. Find the initiatives that mean the most to you and join us in our mission to support everyone in our community by giving back.

Stanley Subaru Loves to Help

The Subaru Loves to Help pillar is focused on initiatives supporting community members' basic needs: Food, Shelter, and Clothing. Stanley Subaru has partnered with local shelters and charities to address the needs of our most vulnerable community members. Join our initiatives to support The Grand Auditorium, Community Closet, Emmaus Center Homeless Shelter, Stonington Opera House Arts, Ellsworth Noontime Rotary, and Bar Harbor Food Pantry.

Stanley Subaru Loves Pets

Join us in our commitment to the well-being of our furry loved ones! Look for our initiatives to support the SPCA of Hancock County and the ARK Animal Shelter. Through adoption events, donations, and awareness campaigns, we can help control the stray populations and deliver the care and services  needed to care for loveable pets in our community.

Stanley Subaru Loves to Care

If you have ever experienced the difficulty that comes with life-threatening conditions and diseases, you know that the battle is easier with a helping hand and a strong support system to see you through the toughest times to recover and heal successfully. Our team is proud to partner with Maine Coast Memorial Hospital and Hospice to Hancock County to provide warmth and comfort to people struggling with serious and long-term illnesses.

Stanley Subaru Loves the Earth

We believe caring for the environment means caring for our community and the people who live here. In addition to supporting our friends at the Acadia National Park, Friends of Acadia, and the Ellsworth Garden Club we have also converted our operations to be 100% powered by the sun with 350 solar panels on our roof.

 If you are passionate about supporting a healthy ecosystem and taking care of our shared outdoor spaces, look for our Love the Earth initiatives in our community.

Stanley Subaru Loves Learning

Our Love Learning Pillar focuses on supporting the youngest members of our community and the teachers who work hard to provide quality education. Join us in our mission as we support the schools in our area through Teacher Appreciation Month and providing books and supplies at George Stevens Academy, Blue Hill Consolidated School, and Ellsworth High School as well as the Blue Hill Public Library!

Organizations Stanley Subaru Supports

Our main mission is participating in charitable outreach to improve quality of life in Ellsworth and the surrounding communities. Stanley Subaru provides sponsorships, donations, and in-kind support, so that contributions reach program recipients. Most importantly, we show up for Ellsworth and the local community.

We support locally run non-profit organizations through core community outreach efforts that include:

  • Healthcare
  • Arts Programs & Outreach
  • Education
  • Animal Welfare
  • Nature Appreciation & Environmental Welfare
  • Food Security
  • Safe Lodging & Recovery

Read through list of organizations and schools that Stanley Subaru supports below.

The GrandBuddy to BuddyMaine Coast HospitalOpera House Arts - Stonington Opera House
Blue Hill Memorial HospitalDowneast Community PartnersFriends of AcadiaBagaduce Music Lending Library
Camp Beech CliffAt Home DowneastHealthy AcadiaSPCA of Hancock County
Mabel Wadsworth CenterTeacher Appreciation WeekMaine Education AssociationNext Step Domestic Violence Project
Acadia Family CenterEllsworth Area Chamber of CommerceBlue Hill Peninsula Chamber of CommerceRotary Club of Ellsworth Maine
Mount Desert Summer ChoraleKiwanis of Old TownLamoine Fire DepartmentHospice Volunteers of Hancock County
Ark Animal ShelterGarden Club Federation of MaineBar Harbor Garden ClubWoodlawn Museum
Kneisel Music Hall Chamber Music Festival
Blue Hill Public Library

Tell Stanley Subaru About a Noble Cause We Can Support!

Do you know about a noble cause in Ellsworth or nearby along coastal Downeast Maine? Contact Stanley Subaru with a call at 888-461-3367 to seek support and tell us about your cause. You can learn about specific eligibility guidelines before submitting your request for formal support below.

Program Requirements

Stanley Subaru's giving includes sponsorships, donations, and in-kind support.

The following are criteria that affect our likelihood of supporting the organizations that reach out to us for support. The more criteria are fulfilled, the more likely we are to agree to support the cause. Note that fitting all the criteria doesn't guarantee success and not fitting any criteria doesn't guarantee we will decline to help. Every request will be evaluated. 

Requests for Support

  • Locally run organization - organizations that are based in one of the communities we serve
  • Locally focused - organizations whose efforts directly benefit the members of the communities we serve
  • Nonprofit/not-for-profit - volunteer organizations, charitable organizations, tax-exempt organizations, organizations with a primary function that is not business
  • Contribution given directly reaches program recipients

Organization serves on of our core community outreach efforts including:

  • healthcare, breast health
  • arts outreach
  • animal welfare
  • environmental welfare and nature appreciation
  • food security
  • safe lodging and recovery

Contribution benefits one individual or family

Religious organization requests

Governmental or political activities

Labor or fraternal activities

Requests for support from Stanley Subaru should be submitted in writing. They can be submitted in person; by mail to 22 Bar Harbor Road, Ellsworth, Maine, 04605; or via email at [email protected]

We review every request and evaluate them. We receive many requests for support. Expect a few weeks for final response on approval or disapproval of support. We will make occasional exceptions for shorter notice, but they are rare.

Organization information - name, address, phone, contact person

What contribution is requested - dollar amount, water, photo booth, certificate, etc.

Deadline - when do you need to know? When do you need the contribution?

How does the event/organization benefit the community/participants/recipients?

Any benefits to Stanley Subaru for fulfilling the request including advertising, table space, comp tickets, etc.

Are you willing and able to link back to our website?

Check Out Event Pictures & Our Photo Booth

Stanley Subaru's new photo booth shows up at local community events where we support or friends and neighbors. See the joy at some of our local community events!