Uh oh. Daylight Saving Time change. It's been...well, it's been since the last time the clock had to change. It's not like you're messing with the clock all the time. So, how does it work again?

Thankfully, Kelly put together a step-by-step instruction sheet on how to do it. She even did us the honor of showing us how to:

An illustrated version if that works better for you:

There are pull-buttons on your steering wheel to the lower left that control your information display.

Pull the i/SET button and hold it until the screen changes. Then, pull the i/SET button briefly to select DATE.

Use the arrow buttons to get the cursor next to the hour, then pull the i/SET button again to select it.

Use the up and down arrows to get the time updated, then pull the i/SET button to confirm.

Navigate to the Set field to make your change permanent, then pull i/SET again to make it official.


Scroll through this menu again until you see "GO BACK" and pull i/SET to select it. You'll have to do this twice.

Congratulations! You have changed the clock in your Forester.

And the text version, slightly modified from Kelly's sheet:
  1. Turn on your Forester
  2. Find the i/set, up, and down cursor levers/buttons on your steering wheel (lower left)
  3. Pull the i/set button toward you and hold it until the screen on your dash changes, then let go
  4. "DATE" should be highlighted. If it is, pull the i/set button briefly to select it. If "DATE" isn't highlighted use the up or down button to get there.
  5. You should see the date and time with a cursor at the top left
  6. Move the cursor (with either the up or down buttons) to highlight the hour
  7. Pull the i/set button briefly to select it
  8. Use the up or down buttons to adjust the time
  9. Pull the i/set button again briefly to set the new time
  10. Check that everything looks right
  11. Use the up or down button to move the cursor over to SET
  12. Pull the i/set button to make the change permanent
  13. Use the down button to select GO BACK, and pull the i/set button to finish up

SUCCESS! Your clock is now updated.

If you need to change the minutes: the hour and the minutes change separately, so when you are moving around that screen getting from date to 12 hour/24 hour clock to the actual time, if you bump the cursor one more spot, you can select the minutes and change the time from there.

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