Stanley Subaru prioritizes the health and wellbeing of our community, and we are happy to highlight some of the excellent work people are doing in our area to do the same. Haystack's Fab Lab and Blue Hill's Idea Center are making face shields and giving them for free to those who need them. They are working in actual around-the-clock shifts to 3-D print, laser cut, and manufacture the personal protective equipment (PPE). Local people and businesses are buying the materials to support the effort, and you can, too.

The local collaboration started with people around the peninsula choosing to address the challenge of limited PPE in our area.

Brooksville resident Jill Day started masks on her own, paying out of pocket for the materials in order to get started right away. After asking Fab Lab's James Rutter to borrow the use of the school's laser cutter, the pair began teaming up. They found more and more people and businesses eager to collaborate including Matt Jurick, Ben Politte, and Sean Dooley who are taking shifts to manufacture the shields at the Idea Center.

Nearly two months into their efforts, they've made and distributed over 1000 face shields at no cost to the hospitals, food pantries, and homeless shelters receiving them. The materials still cost, though. Day bought supplies on her own along with other collaborators in the project.

Stanley Subaru was more than happy to buy supplies to make hundreds of masks for the folks in our area.

The more support they have, the more they can make! Visit or call 207-348-2306 to help. Every little bit goes toward making our community safer, thanks to the work of these dedicated volunteers!

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