VOICE OVER: The Stanley Subaru service department is open with zero-contact visit options for you like curb-side drop off.

When you pull into Stanley Subaru, park right up front and give us a quick call to let us know your vehicle is here.

GUEST: Hi, there, I'm here for a curb-side drop off. Okay. Okay, perfect. Thank you.

VOICE OVER: Then you can take your own ride home, use a loaner we've pre-arranged with you, or stay in our spacious guest lounge.

With drop off and go you can pull right into our drive-through. We'll give it a thorough clean before we take it in for maintenance while you enjoy one of our wide array of brand new Subarus as a loaner.

When your vehicle is finished, we will sanitize it so that it is perfectly ready for your return.

You can even call us, and we'll pick it up! Right from your drive. We will come out, service the vehicle in our shop, bring it back, and sanitize it before we leave. No need to leave your house.

Stanley Subaru, the smart choice, on the Bar Harbor Road in Ellsworth

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