Our deepest gratitude goes out to the non-medical staff in healthcare today.

Even in the midst of everything happening, the facilities at our local hospitals, Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital, Northern Light Blue Hill Hospital, and MDI Hospital, are still clearly well-tended. It's not always something that comes to mind when thinking about a hospital, but clean, maintained and well-tended grounds (inside and out) are critical for access to people of all abilities to get the medical services they need. An easily trod path to get to a clean room where you need isn't the first thing you probably think about, and it's because of the work of these people that you can focus on getting yourself care. To all the people in maintenance and environmental services, thank you.

A Stanley Subaru banner thanking healthcare workers

Once you get in, you have to get to where you need. The folks in reception and administration put all the pieces together so we can get the care we need. There are people that make all the secure telehealth possible to get your medical treatment from home. To all the people behind the scenes making sure everything is where it needs to be for care to happen, thank you.

If you've stayed at any of our local hospitals, you know that you can get some surprisingly amazing food—no bad stand-up punchlines here. The food workers that work at these hospitals not only tend to the dietary requirements of patients and visitors, they clearly care about our whole well-being by providing food made with care and satisfaction in mind. To all the food workers, thank you.

Sincerely, thank you. We wouldn't have the excellent standards of care we have were it not for you. Thank you.

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