Tires for Life has grown to be even better for you

The gist

Every dollar you spend on maintenance and repairs at Stanley Subaru is eligible toward tires. When you purchase a new vehicle at Stanley Subaru, we offer you Tires for Life 2.0. There is absolutely no cost to you! We make it available to you as a thank you for being our guest.

Money you spend on maintenance and repair at Stanley Subaru on the new vehicle you've purchased becomes credit you can use to buy tires here. And used toward mounting and balancing those tires. And toward the disposal of your old tires. Not only that, it can be used to buy snow tires at Stanley Subaru!

And Tires for Life 2.0 is yours at completely no charge as part of our Preferred Guest Package.

Why pay for tires on a new Subaru? Our guests don't.


How do I get Tires for Life 2.0?

Purchase your new Subaru at Stanley Subaru and perform all of your regularly scheduled maintenance. Easy peasy.


What services have to be performed?

Maintaining your Subaru, like any vehicle, is the best way to protect your investment. Only the regular scheduled maintenance as recommended by Subaru need be done. That includes tire balancing at least as frequently as every 6,000 miles and four-wheel alignment at least once every 18,000 miles. Both of those, though, are part of your regularly scheduled maintenance. So, really, you don't have to do anything special, just maintain your Subaru!


Are there any hidden charges?

Absolutely not. This is a benefit we provide to our guests as a reward for purchasing and maintaining their new Subaru with us.


What kind of tires do I get?

We offer a few different tires, and we make sure they're all good ones. We review what tires we offer annually based on Consumer Reports and other analyses. Because of their durability and customer satisfaction, right now we offer Yokohama Avid Ascend, Kelley Edge, and Continental ProContact tires. Prefer a different tire? We're happy to install any tire you choose! A very small fee may apply for some brands.


What's different about Tires for Life 2.0 from the first one?

There is no aggregate limit now, which means that Tires for Life 2.0 is truly unlimited as long as you own the car!

Not only that, snow tires are now eligible in Tires for Life 2.0.


What is the Preferred Guest Package?

Stanley Subaru offers an exclusive Preferred Guest Package, which offers discounts on parts and service, State Inspections at no charge, Complimentary Loaner Vehicles when your vehicle is in for service, and of course unlimited Coffee for Life! Learn more about the Preferred Guest Package here.


We've awarded over $3,000,000 in Tires for Life!

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