Fluffy little muddy dog holding a brush

You take your dog in your vehicle with you because of course you do. Why have a dog if you're not going to spoil it, after all? Camping, hiking, or just sunny days in a park are all great excuses for a drive with your canid comrade. But as a dog owner, you know that a regular vacuum isn't going to pick up dog fur out of upholstery. If you just want your car clear of doggie detritus without necessarily springing for the full shebang to make your vehicle like-new, we offer a doggie detail just for you.

We take our clean to the next level, getting those persistent hairs and other pet mementos up from the floor, upholstery, and roof. We don't want to exclude our feline friends, this works just as well for them!

We not only have our doggie detail, we offer all our reconditioning and detailing services a la carte if you want to do a little mix and match to get the clean that's just right for you.

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