What does EyeSight do?

EyeSight is Subaru's driver support technology that helps keep you safe. It features Adaptive Cruise Control which automatically adjusts speed if the vehicle ahead of you starts to slow down; pre-collision braking which notifies the driver and, if necessary, applies brakes to prevent collision; lane departure warning to help make sure you're only where you want to be; blind spot detection; and rear cross-traffic alerts so you know when something's coming around a corner you can't see. You can read more about Eyesight's original features, its upgraded features, and its reviews.

How does EyeSight work?

Subaru EyeSight uses stereo cameras to track vehicles, lanes, obstacles, and other objects. It then takes that information and uses it to help you stay safe!

Why might EyeSight turn off?

It is winter! Which means there are occasions where EyeSight will be disabled for one of a few reasons. EyeSight is a tremendous help, but it does have its limitations. Understanding stereo vision and mapping an environment takes a lot of effort so things that make that more difficult make it harder for EyeSight to function. Sun glare and inclement weather make it very difficult.

We get a fair share of snow in Maine which means not only a bunch of white stuff falling that makes it hard for the cameras to see, but after it's fallen there's the sun in the sky, the sun reflecting off other vehicles, and the sun reflecting off the ground. That's a lot to process! Under conditions like this EyeSight will shut down and notify you that it is off rather than risk incorrect corrections and warnings.

Other things that can affect EyeSight are excessive speed differences between your vehicle and obstacles/other vehicles, low-contrast objects, regularly-spaced pattern objects, small objects (less than three feet tall), non-standard shaped vehicles, cracked windshields, filmy windshields, and damage/adjustments to the cameras. For a full list of what to watch out for, check your EyeSight Quick Reference Guide and EyeSight Owner's Manual. The Owner's Manual also includes how to troubleshoot some of these issues toward the back!

What's it like to drive with EyeSight?

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