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How to buy your next car right from home

You just need a computer and a phone.

You can search for your perfect vehicle in our new or used inventory, looking at our specials, perusing makes models, body styles.

When you find the vehicle you want, you can hit the Buy From Home button to make yourself the best deal for yourself, choosing all the options and details you want.

Pick accessories

Pick your payment options

Estimate your trade

Submit a finance application

. . .

These steps aren't the only way you can buy from home!

Maybe you want more photos or more information or to find out whether you…

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How to get outside while staying safe

Gotta do the scenic drive

You know we're going to start with a scenic drive, right? I mean, we're a car dealership. Of course we're going to start with a scenic drive.

Parks, bike paths, and carriage roads

Take a scenic drive to an even scenicer* walk! Stanley Subaru is right near so many gorgeous lakes, parks, and trails, you really have your pick.


Whether you like to sojourn through the woods or your front door is as much outside as you want to go, it's hard to beat birdwatching in Maine.

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Car care tips to save you money and increase your trade-in value

Put frankly, simple maintenance tasks keep your Subaru in top running condition which ultimately saves you money, because timely maintenance does more than keep your Subaru running smoothly; it can increase your car's trade-in value, improve its mileage, and save you time and costly repairs down the road.


Check the level of coolant in your radiator by looking at the coolant overflow tank. Maintaining proper antifreeze will keep your engine cool in hot weather and prevent damage when temperatures fall as low as 40 below zero.

Mr Freeze the Batman villain trying to figure out which antifreeze to use


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How to take care of windshield wipers

You might take them for granted -- until it rains, and suddenly your safety depends on them. Windshield wipers always need to stay in top condition because you never know when you'll need them to help you see the road.

Tech changing windshield wiper blades

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How to care for your car's filters

Road dust, fuel system condensation and engine-oil sludge are unseen enemies that can cause harm to your engine, or prevent it from working at its best. Your best defense? Come get genuine Subaru filter replacements to help ensure that your engine lives a healthy, high-mileage life. When each filter needs replacement varies, but you can always look it up in your manual or on our maintenance schedule.

Certified Master Technician Chris Williams answering questions from guests about key parts of their engine and transmission

Oil Filters

Fuel Filters

Air Filters

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What is the light on my dashboard and how do I get it to go away?

Why is that light showing up on the dashboard? How do I fix whatever it is telling me to fix to get the light to go away? There aren't a lot of perennial questions for cars, but everyone at some point has heard their car make a ding and had no idea why it was mad at them. Well, no longer! We have the top Subaru dashboard questions answered here, but have no fear: we've also answered the other ones!

so many dash lights


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Check engine light

When you start your vehicle, the check engine light comes on momentarily to test the engine/emission control system and bulb. The system is self-diagnostic and the light is a way to communicate trouble. The system is designed to function in a "limp home" mode when trouble occurs and the light comes on - and stays on. However, take your vehicle to an authorized Subaru dealer right away.

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60-second fluid checks

Properly maintaining your car's fluid levels is an easy way to help ensure that your Subaru runs smoothly between service visits.

Before checking, always stop the engine, remove the key from the ignition switch, set the parking brake and let the engine cool down completely. Take care not to spill any engine oil, engine coolant, brake fluid or any other fluid on hot engine components.

Use your Owner's Manual as a guide for more details and to locate specific engine parts.


Engine Oil

When: Every Fuel Stop.


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How to teach your dog to enjoy a car ride

Some of us are lucky enough to have dogs that enjoy every car ride. Some of us are not quite so lucky. Thankfully, it is possible to teach a dog to enjoy road trips so you can make it to your favorite hikes and campsites.

Dog behind the wheel

Teaching a dog to like car rides is based on a simple idea. Simple doesn't always mean easy, so working with your dog may take a little more effort than someone else with another dog, but it is totally possible to teach your dog to love riding along with its family.

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