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What is Subaru Core Technology? Features and Systems in Subaru Vehicles

At the heart of every Subaru are features and systems that form a core technology--Whether the Subaru is a performance-oriented WRX STi or a versatile Tribeca. In this week's Technical Schmecnical article, Stanley Subaru breaks down these features and systems below. The information comes from Subaru's Drive Performance Magazine. 



Design--a horizontally opposed (also referred to as boxer or flat) layout, which contributes to balanced, smooth operation…
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How Does a Multi-Link Suspension Work? How Does a Multi-Link Suspension Differ From Fixed Rear Axle?

What is a Multi-Link Suspension? | How Does a Multi-Link Suspension Differ From a Fixed Rear Axle? | Advantages and Disadvantages of Both Systems | Stanley Subaru's Technical Schmecnical Lesson 4: Multi-Link Suspensions

As described by Steven Rupp of Popular Hot Rodding Magazine:

Suspension 101

In a perfect world, all the roads would be perfectly flat, without bumps, and suspensions wouldn't even be needed. But as we all know, that is far from reality. Once you…

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How To Care for Turbocharged Subaru Vehicles

New Subaru vehicles are thoroughly checked for quality and craftsmanship. Safety, performance, and dependability are given top priority, making the vehicles easy to operate and maintain.The following information updates factory recommendations for the care and maintenance of new Subaru turbocharged vehicle.

(Details on this Legacy GT are provided at the bottom of this post)


 The turbocharger, commonly called a…

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How To Schedule Service Appointments Online

How Do You Schedule Subaru Service Appointments Online? Visit, then choose "Service Schedule and Menu" from the Service drop down menu. To schedule your Subaru Service appointment, find your approximate miles of your vehicle on the Subaru service schedule below to determine what service is needed. Select that service in the check box or other desired service when completing the appointment request. You will be contacted shortly to confirm your appointment.

Stanley Subaru is currently researching programs that will allow our guests to see the current service schedule…
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Subaru Tire Pressure Monitoring System-What it Means For You and Your Subaru

Subaru Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS):
What It Means to You and Your Subaru

Subaru Tire Pressure Monitor System Warning Light
When the TPMS warning light comes on it means that either one of the tires is under-inflated or there is a fault with the system. If the light is constant then inflating to the correct placard pressure should turn it off. If this is not the case then this indicates a puncture. If the…
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Did You Know There Are Many Ways to Save $$$ Off Your Next Service Appointment?

Did you know there are many ways you can $ave money on your next Service Appointment? 

1.) Schedule your Service Appointment Online and Save $5.00! Do this every time, and see your savings grow! Schedule your next appointment by clicking HERE.

2.) Our Service Specials change monthly, so be sure to check out our website and your mailbox for our latest coupons.

3.) Save 15% off your next Service Appointment for Subarus with over 100,000 miles! Click Here to Print Your Coupon!

4.) Save 20% off your next Service Appointment for Subarus with over 200,000 miles! Click…
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Meet our Service Department

When you come to Stanley Subaru for Service, your visit starts with greeting one of our knowledgeable service advisors:
        Dave Cookson                            Jennifer  Rankin                           Jim Scovil

Or perhaps our Service Manager, Neil Harriman:

After you are greeted by our Service Advisors, your vehicle will be placed in the care of one of our Subaru Certified Service Technicians:

Our Technicians are (from left to right) Kaleb Danico, Lincoln Herschel, Chris Williams, Sean Wescott, Shop Foreman Rob Moon…
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