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All of us at Stanley Subaru care about the health and wellness of our community. It's why we've given thousands of pounds of food to local food pantries, why we do Test Drives for the Cure each October, and why we work hard to support dozens of other healthy living programs in our area.

A key part of wellness is preventive measures. Which is why we offer free flu shots each year! In the face of COVID-19, Stanley Subaru is taking several steps to do what we can to continue to bolster the health of our community.

While we appreciate a good handshake and even a hug, for the time being we will greet our guests and each other from a short distance with a smile and a wave to welcome you on your visit. It is personal: we want you to stay well!

Throughout the day our team disinfects the places people touch--handles, keyboards, desks, coffee pot buttons, etc.

Hand-washing for 40 seconds (WHO recommendation) is the best practice for everyone, and we hope you'll join us in the effort. We have distributed to our employees the CDC best practices and WHO guidelines.

Guests are always free to reschedule their service appointments. Particularly if you feel unwell, take us up on the offer! Call us to let us know you'd like to change it. We want you to rest up and feel better. While we love to see you, it's because we care about you; we'd rather you take care of yourself than stick to an appointment. We'll still be here when you're ready.

As always, any of our team feeling unwell are encouraged to take the time to stay home, recuperate, restore their own health, and thereby support the continued health of our guests.

We are working to stay up to date on the latest verified information and best practices with the help of our friends at Northern Light Health. We've partnered with them for over a decade, and we trust their expertise and judgment. Stanley Subaru staff will be attending a seminar Northern Light Health is hosting March 13, 2020 regarding the most up-to-date practices, procedures, and policies we can implement to provide for the well-being of our team and our community.

We love our community here at Stanley Subaru, and we endeavor to always do what's best for our families, friends, and neighbors.



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