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Over the course of April, every employee at Stanley Subaru scheduled hours of their time to help out at Community Closet!


Working alongside Jackie and her regular cohort of volunteers was a truly magnificent experience, and it's hard to capture just what it felt like to help out last month.

Working with Jackie and the other volunteers at Community Closet was an eye opening, inspiring experience.

Being a local to Ellsworth, I heard many times of the impact Community Closet was making in our community, but it's another thing to experience it first hand while volunteering there. The outreach Community Closet has to our town is immeasurable - from providing affordable clothing and housewares to people of all walks of life, to providing necessary supplies to those having just lost all belongings in a fire, to providing food and blankets to the homeless 24 hours a day, seven days a week - it's impossible to trace the trickle effect of that generosity throughout our community. I was amazed to learn that Community Closet can serve up to 200 people a day - some receiving items for free, and others leaving what they can to help support the store.

Jackie refuses to turn anyone down, and I don't believe the word "no" is a part of her vocabulary - she will help anyone and everyone in any way she can. Jackie truly inspired me to do more to help others. She reminded me that a person in need is an opportunity to help. She reminded me that one person can truly change the trajectory of another life. It was an honor and a privilege to spend time volunteering at Community Closet, and I look forward to volunteering again.

- Addie


We had a few of our employees with the flexibility to get themselves on the volunteer schedule more than once, and we couldn't be more proud of how many people at Stanley Subaru took the opportunity to do just that.


I had the opportunity to aid twice while Stanley Subaru volunteered time to the Community Closet. I have lived in the Ellsworth area for 10 years now, and I had no idea the grave need this area had for an amazing place like the Community Closet. Jackie Wycoff is open to all wants and needs and takes in anything and everything she can that will benefit another. I was impressed with her ability to move and organize the literal truck loads of material in such a way to have the product quickly and efficiently available for the folks coming.

From the perspective of a volunteer, it was a more than eye opening experience. Jackie works with anyone that walks in her doors to assist. She is able to find the right job for each volunteer and seems to do so effortlessly and always with an upbeat attitude. I found myself, on day one, completely emptying the third unit that was donated to Jackie for the summer. It was stacked high with old shelving systems, tables, racks, boxes, bags, etc. and so on. For four hours my group worked non-stop to successfully empty the unit. This unit is now being used to help Jackie pay her heavy heating, lighting, and leasing bills as she will have furniture in this unit for sale.

My second trip over was a completely different task and experience of moving and sorting through bags to gender sort and stack so they could be hung and size organized and ready to head over the store. Again, Jackie was amazing with finding our tasks and giving direction to best benefit the folks that come to see her. Although the work was hard and never stopped, at the end of each day, I felt as though I was achieved something really great.

While volunteering at the Community Closet I can't count how many times I heard folks expressing thanks and gratefulness for the service being provided. It was a very rewarding experience.

I know that I have a place to go to in the event that a tragedy strikes my family. A place with open arms and resources made readily available. Judgment free. EVERYONE is welcome. Jackie will be there with a smile on her face and ready to help in anyway possible. It's truly amazing what is happening at the Community Closet.

- Jess


Visit Community Closet's website


It had a really good vibe down there. Helping people out is a very heartwarming experience, and that's why I personally do what I do. People come into our Parts department asking for help with their vehicle needs and I can provide them with the professional guidance they are asking for. That translates to the Community Closet in many ways. Instead of parts needs, these people are finding much needed clothing and food help. They even have dishes, shoes and toy's for the kids! So lending a hand down there was very good feeling for me.

I went down to the Community Closet knowing we were going to help move boxes and totes, what I didn't expect was the guest that Jackie had come in. Jackie's guest told her she knew a young mother going through a rough time and could not afford to by her child anything for his birthday. She went on to ask Jackie if she had anything (clothes, toys) to donate her for the boy's birthday, and I overheard this conversation. I thought to myself, If I were in this situation and needed help what would I do? I promptly interrupted and said get whatever you want and I'll pay for it. The woman was ecstatic! She went and grabbed some clothing for the boy and I went and picked out a couple toys for him. For me it was the least I could do and I thought anyone who heard that conversation would do the same thing I did to help this mother out in her time of need. After that I went back to moving clothing and doing the heavy lifting for the workers. We moved a mountain of donations for the store that day, filled the shelves with good's people could purchase. The store looked good.

I learned how essential it is to have a store like the Community Closet to help our neighbors in need. There are so many people out there that don't have the means to live, and I just want to do my part to help anyone I can. That woman spoke up for the young mother and her son, imagine all the people that don't speak up. The long winters we have here in Maine and the cost of heating oil alone could mean choosing between being warm and filling your stomach. If I can make even a small difference for someone (the elderly, homeless, or in this case a young mother) I will help anyway I can. With life being so busy it's easy to forget that there are people out there that need our help, and if we take a step back to think about it, we all could do a little more to help our neighbors in need.

- Rich

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