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We make flu shots available to our employees, our guests, and their families for free at Stanley Subaru, because a flu shot is a quick, simple way to improve the health of everyone in our community. It helps the people getting the flu shot, their friends, their families, their neighbors, and honestly everyone they meet.

Here's a Subaru-y analogy: getting the flu is like fishtailing on the highway. Fishtailing is scary and dangerous for you (the driver), your family (the people in your car), and anyone you meet. ...You definitely don't want to meet people when fishtailing. The inoculation flu shot is like Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. Symmetrical AWD massively reduces your risk of losing control on the road. While it can occasionally still happen, Symmetrical AWD also reduces the duration and severity of fishtailing. All of this keeps you, the people you care about, and the people you may not even know safer.

Last year almost a million people in the US were hospitalized with the flu. 79,000 people died. A big part of the reason is low inoculation rates. Seniors and children are especially susceptible, and honestly, those two groups make up a whole lot of our neighbors. The good news is that that is something that's really easy to fix! Stanley Subaru makes inoculations available to our employees, guests, and families for free, because it's such an effective and easy way to help everyone in our community.

We love doing it, and we're so glad so many of our guests took us up on the offer this year. Thank you for doing your part!

Parts Manager David getting his flu shot Mark makes a big show of wincing during his flu shot, because he is a big ham
A guest gets her flu shot on us! Josh holds his candy prize after getting his shot
John laughs his way through his inoculation A guest is all business with her shot
A guest gets his flu shot Bob ...well, he likes to make this vacant smile when getting his picture taken. In fairness, it's pretty good.
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