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We heard a bird bump into the glass, and it was a matter of seconds before Spencer and Katie ran out to check on everyone. Thankfully, this white-throated sparrow was only stunned. It showed no mobility injuries, but it certainly sustained a good wallop to its head. Spencer and Katie stuck around to make sure it was protected, rested, and warm until it was ready to fly off on its own (which it did after about five minutes).

white-throated sparrowSpencer and Katie with the sparrow making sure it's okay

Spencer said it was a no-brainer. "I love birds. And besides, I thought, 'What would Geddy do?' Well, we know what Geddy would do, because I've seen her nurture a white-throated sparrow that has been stunned. Literally the exact same thing."

Spencer petting the sparrow because it's adorablethe sparrow in hand, getting ready to leave?

We're glad that that the bird flew off well on its own, and Spencer is excited he got to hold a bird. It's nice to work in a place where people rush to check on stuff like this.

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