All Subaru vehicles are equipped with maintenance-free batteries. The term "maintenance-free" can be misleading, though, because these batteries do require some attention to keep them clean and efficient.

It is really important to have your car's battery checked by a Subaru-trained technician regularly. A battery check includes examining cable connections for cleanliness and tightness. Loose or corroded connections can drastically diminish your car's starting power. As you can guess, if the connections grow loose or crusty enough, they can shut off your car's electrical flow entirely and leave you thinking you have a dead battery.

Nate explains some Subaru inner workings to guests

High temperatures also reduce the efficiency at which a battery is recharged.

Winter driving conditions frequently require the use of your car's heater and wipers for extended periods while driving at slow speeds. This additional load requires the charging system to work properly so that it sufficiently charges the battery the next time you start your car's engine. For this reason, your service technician should also check your battery's charging system and voltage regulator, and inspect your vehicle's alternator to ensure that all components are operating properly.

Good news! In addition to oil changes and tire rotations, our Subaru Express Service can do brake checks, tire replacement, and (you guessed it) safety checks & battery replacement all with no appointment necessary.

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