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Here at Stanley Subaru, we care about your safety. That's why at every service visit, even just a simple oil change, your vehicle gets a complete 27-Point Inspection. Every vehicle, every visit.

Safe every visit

Our 27-Point Inspection covers everything from Emergency Brake Adjustments to the tread depth of each of your tires. This thorough exam provides peace of mind that your vehicle is safe to travel the roads.

Stanley Subaru's Exclusive 27-Point Inspection:

  1. Emergency Brake Adjustment
  2. Clutch Adjustment
  3. Inspect Headlights (Operation and Adjustment)
  4. Inspect Stop, Tail, and Turn Signal Lights
  5. Inspect A/C Pollen/Cabin Filter
  6. Inspect Wiper Blades (includes rear)
  7. Inspect Air Filter
  8. Inspect Battery Cables
  9. Inspect Hoses (Radiator and Heater)
  10. Inspect Coolant
  11. Inspect Engine Drive Belts (Condition and Adjustment
  12. Inspect Fluids (Oil, Trans., Brake, P/S)
  13. Inspect Throttle Body
  14. Inspect Clutch Hydraulic System
  15. Inspect Brake Hydraulic System
  16. Inspect Engine and Transmission for Leaks
  17. Inspect Front End Linkage
  18. Inspect Struts/Shocks for Leaks
  19. Inspect CV Boots/Joints
  20. Inspect Front Brake Pads
  21. Inspect Muffler Exhaust Pipes and Hangers
  22. Inspect Tires for Signs of Alignment Problems
  23. Inspect/Adjust Right Front Tire. Assess Tread Depth and Pressure
  24. Inspect/Adjust Left Front Tire. Assess Tread Depth and Pressure
  25. Inspect/Adjust Right Rear Tire. Assess Tread Depth and Pressure
  26. Inspect/Adjust Left Rear Tire. Assess Tread Depth and Pressure
  27. Inspect for Needed Maintenance

Subaru is a brand that prides itself on its excellent safety. We at Stanley Subaru stand whole-heartedly behind that pride. We care about our guests, and we want everyone to have the best possible care when they go out on the road. That's why we offer complimentary inspections.

Below is the actual form our Subaru Certified Technicians use to inspect your vehicle:

Our inspection form

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