Tires For Life - only at Stanley Subaru

Tires for Life is an exclusive $2000 benefit for new vehicles bought only at Stanley Subaru.

That's right, purchase your new Subaru at Stanley Subaru and perform your regularly scheduled maintenance at Stanley Subaru, and we will replace your tires when they wear out. It's that simple!

Why pay for tires on a new Subaru? Our guests don't.

How do I get Tires for Life?

Purchase your New Subaru at Stanley Subaru and perform all of your regularly scheduled maintenance with us and we will replace your tires when they wear out at no cost to you!

What services have to be performed?

Maintaining your Subaru, like any vehicle, is the best way to protect your investment. Only the regular scheduled maintenance as recommended by Subaru need be done.

Are there any hidden charges?

Absolutely not. This is a benefit we provide to our guests as a reward for purchasing and maintaining their new Subaru with us. No inflated cost or phony pricing on service.

What kind of tires do I get?

We offer a few different tires. We review what tires we offer annually based on Consumer Reports and other analyses. Because of their durability and customer satisfaction, right now we offer Yokohama Avid Ascend, Kelley Edge, and Continental ProContact tires. Prefer a different tire? We're happy to install any tire you chose! A very small fee may apply for some brands.

It's Tires for Life, so why is it a $2000 value?

Tires for Life covers regular wear and tear, and $2000 worth of tires is more than enough for the vast majority of drivers. You can get three full sets of the Jetzon Genesis tires for most drivers with Tires for Life. Some drivers can even get four full sets depending on their needs. Genesis tires have different limited warranty options good from 60,000 - 80,000 miles. So, with your original tires and three full sets, you could drive for 240,000-320,000 miles without paying for a single tire with Tires for Life!

Are there any conditions or fine print?

Because of their significantly shorter life span, vehicles equipped with speed rated tires (WRX, STi, and Turbo models) do not qualify for Tires For Life.

What if I hit a curb or my tire gets punctured?

Tires wear, and that wear is what's covered with Tires for Life. We do have roadside coverage separately available if those are concerns, so that you can feel at ease that your tires are protected.

What is the Preferred Guest Package?

Stanley Subaru offers an exclusive Preferred Guest Package, which offers discounts on parts and service, State Inspections at no charge, Complimentary Loaner Vehicles when your vehicle is in for service, and of course unlimited Coffee for Life! Learn more about the Preferred Guest Package here.

We've awarded over $3,000,000 in Tires for Life!


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