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Subaru and the Center for Pet Safety have teamed up to test the available Pet Restraint Systems designed to keep your pet safe. In a press release issued October 3, 2013, Subaru was pleased to announce the Full Study and Crash Testing Results. Sleepypod's ClickIt Utility Harness has been identified as the 2013 Top Performing Harness.  The pet harness study was designed by CPS, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit research and advocacy organization dedicated to companion animal and consumer safety to mirror the same crash tests used to measure the effectiveness of child safety products. The crash tests uncovered serious flaws in many of the popular pet restraints currently on the market, with many resulting in catastrophic failure. The goal of this study is to enforce the importance of driving safely with pets. In addition, the performance data will assist in the development of the first harness safety standard and test protocols that will serve as guidelines to the pet products industry. 

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Photos from the 
Center for Pet Safety



See a full slideshow of crash test photos by clicking here.

**Please note: No real animals were used during the crash tests. **

What happens when you properly restrain a pet using a Sleepypod pet safety restraint?

Sleepypod's Pet Passenger Restraint System holds the car seat belt in place around their carriers so that in an accident the seat belt holds the pet safely in place. The body of their carriers are soft on the inside and firm on the outside to safely absorb the weight of the pet as it comes up against the seat belt. The high-speed video, here, shows that Sleepypod's carriers remained intact and without damage. The video also demonstrates the crash-test dog remained inside the pet carrier through the duration of each test. Learn more about Sleepypod by visiting


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