Subaru BRZ

The joy of driving purified.
Introducing the all-new 2013 Subaru BRZ.
To dial up driving to its most fun, we started with the SUBARU BOXER engine and a clean slate. We engineered--from the ground up--a pure sports car to bring you a level of involvement and response that will feel completely natural, yet unlike anything you've known before.  In every turn and press of the accelerator, you'll feel how we've taken driving and melted away everything but the thrill.

Every excess eliminated.
Every Thrill Amplified.

Lightweight-2,762 pounds.
Light cars react more quickly, and a total focus on handling meant keeping the BRZ light on its feet.  High-tensile steel makes it not only lighter but stiffer as well.  Of course, what weight is left better be balanced. So its rear-drive layout means better front to rear weight distribution.
Low .28 Coefficient of drag.
To a sports car, wind is like weight--the more of it you have to move, the more it takes from your ability to perform.  Features like a channeled roof and rear diffuser help the BRZ cut through the air, sharpening the balance you'll feel.
200-hp Boxer Engine.
It's low and stable.  Its power delivery-immediate.  The BRZ was created to accentuate all of the natural advantages of the SUBARU BOXER engine.  Now with port and direct injection technology that heightens its responsiveness and helps it achieve 34 mpg, the boxer is even better.
Low Center of Gravity.
Not only was the engine redesigned to make it even more compact, allowing it to be mounted lower in the chassis, every element of the BRZ was placed as low as possible--from the roofline to the seating position--planting the BRZ more firmly to the ground for otherworldly response.
Driver-Centric Ergonomics.
With design features like a small diameter steering wheel and optimally placed short-throw shifter, your hads will take control of the BRZ with intuitive fluidity. And with sport-design instrumentation, you'll immediately get the information you need most.
Performance-design Seats.

When you're deep in corners, you'll be glad the BRZ comes standard with supportive front seats with deep bolsters.  It also available with Alcantara inserts, which provide extra grip to help keep you in the pocket.

  ~All BRZ Premium models come with Black Cloth seats.

~All BRZ Limited models come with
Black Leather with Alacantara.