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We know why you drive. We know you want to get where you're going WHEN you want to get there. That's why Subaru has teamed up with The Weather Channel to help you plan the safest route, best travel time, and provide up to the minute weather forecasts for YOUR location!

Screenshot image from Weather.com  for February 21st for 04605, the zip code for Stanley Subaru. 
Looks like a good Nor'Easter headed our way in a couple days!

Going on a road trip in your Subaru this weekend? Did you hear it may snow? Check the weather and choose the safest route with this new interactive map from Subaru and The Weather Channel! 

Although Subaru Symmetrical All Wheel Drive can give a Subaru owner an advantage over unequipped vehicles in winter weather, it is best to leave overconfidence on the shelf and pick up a can of good ol' common sense and check this new interactive map before heading out in your Subie.

New Interactive Map Layer Helps Drivers Choose the Safest Route through Weather

Cherry Hill, N.J., -  The Weather Company, formerly The Weather Channel Companies, has teamed up with Subaru of America, Inc. to launch the new Driving Difficulty Index, a new map layer that displays on weather.com's interactive maps, available at www.weather.com/ddi. The Driving Difficulty Index is a new marketplace innovation that relies on TWC's superior weather data and technology to provide millions of consumers with an actionable tool that will keep them safe on the roads.

The Driving Difficulty Index is a new map layer within the enhanced interactive maps on weather.com. This map layer shows potentially dangerous weather conditions and help users plan their best driving route. The Driving Difficulty Index rates road conditions on six core weather parameters: ice, snow, wet, ponding, high winds and low visibility. Then the map layer, when selected by the user, shows where difficult driving conditions are present.

"The Driving Difficulty Index is a partnership unique to the two brands, leveraging Subaru's and TWC's shared focus and expertise on driving safety during specific weather conditions," said Paul Walsh, vice president of weather analytics, WeatherFX, at The Weather Company. "Using our extensive weather dataset and big data analytics capabilities, we've created – with Subaru – a unique planning tool that helps our users better plan their day, their travel, and even their driving route."

Screenshot from Weather.com  on February 21, 2013 of the State of Maine's Current Driving Difficulty Index. 

Looks like a good travel day here in Maine!


In partnership with Subaru, the company will have presence in the Difficulty Driving Index map layer on all weather.com interactive maps using TWC's proprietary ADaptor ads, which allow for national reach with local contextual relevance. ADaptor technology uses dynamic weather integration to deliver customized ads to users based on their local weather conditions, location and time of day. In addition, Subaru will also offer Car Clinic video segments and tips to help with driving in relevant weather conditions within weather.com's WeatherREADY safety and preparedness section. 

Be sure to prepare and check conditions before hitting the road with the Driving Difficulty Index from The Weather Channel and Subaru, available today at www.weather.com/ddi. 

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