Information for Stanley Subaru's Canadian Customers

Canadians Welcome!

Stanley Subaru in Trenton, Maine, specializes in importing new and pre-owned vehicles from the U.S. to Canada.

On average our Canadian customers save 20-40%, even after fees and GST/PST taxes. Plus, Canadian auto buyers do not pay the Maine sales tax, so you save even more. All of your import paperwork is handled by Stanley, so it's hassle free.

Call 1-800.439.8989 and ask to speak to John,  you can also email him at


What Subaru vehicles meet import guidelines?

All new Subarus contain the required Immobilizer Key. No additional maintenance modifications are required.

Do I have to pay Maine State Sales Tax?

No! Some states, like Michigan, will charge sales tax to Canadians, but Maine doesn't. Just another reason to buy a car in Maine!

What fees do I have to pay and how much savings can I expect?

A summary of taxes and fees required are discussed here. Use the handy savings calculator below to help you determine the final cost (and savings) of the vehicle you wish to buy after import and registration costs. It will automatically factor in today's current exchange rate, duties, fees, and taxes.* Compare the results with your local costs and see why importing your Subaru from Stanley Subaru makes sense.

Canada levies a $100.00 "air conditioning fee" on all imported cars with air conditioners. 

The same 5% GST and Provincial PST you would be expected to pay when purchasing/registering a vehicle purchased in Canada would be paid on your imported vehicle, only you will be paying based on the U.S. purchase price, not the Canadian price - a significant savings!     

Duty fees. There are no duties under NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)  on U.S. built Legacy, Outback, and Tribeca models because they are built in Lafayette, Indiana.

Duties of 6.1% are required on Impreza and Forester models because they are built outside North America. Again, the savings on these popular models far outweigh the added duty.

* Note: These are 3rd party tools and we are not responsible for their accuracy. Always check with local sources to verify costs. The New Brunswick calculator is off. Total GST and PST is 13%.

Does Stanley Subaru take Canadian Trade-ins?

Yes, we do take Canadian cars as trade ins. However, please know:
8/15/11 - Just learned from Canadian Border Patrol that Canadian buyers will be taxed on the price of the car before trade in value is deducted from total amount.

Are there any "hidden" fees?

NO! The final price we quote will be the drive-away cost. Also, there is
no Maine sales tax for Canadian buyers and Stanley Subaru will provide you with a FREE 14 day temporary license plate to allow ample time for you to return home. You even get a full tank of gas!

Am I eligible for U.S. factory rebates and incentives?

Effective January 3, 2008 Subaru of America does not permit Canadian customers to take advantage of U.S. rebates and incentives, however, your savings are so significant you will still benefit from purchasing your Subaru from Stanley Subaru.

Can you provide financing?

We are unable to finance cars being imported into Canada. Many of our Canadian customers are either self-financed or seek financing through Canadian financial institutions. This would be similar to finding your own financing for a vehicle purchased in Canada. We provide your lending institution with the VIN number and any other important information they may need. When the vehicle is picked up payment is due in full by a certified bank draft (in U.S. dollars) or by wire transfer

How does the warranty work?

Subaru of America (not Subaru Canada) honors warranty repairs for imported vehicles into Canada. Some Canadian Subaru dealers may take assignment of your warranty claim for you. If not, the car must either be returned to the U.S. for warranty repairs, or the owner can have the car repaired by a Subaru dealer in Canada, pay for it in full, and submit the bill to Subaru of America for reimbursement (in U.S. dollars). In comparing warranty coverage from Subaru of America (U.S.) to Subaru Canada, it appears that the U.S. coverage is actually more comprehensive. This information will be in all of the paperwork you receive when you purchase the car.

What paperwork is required to cross back into Canada?

That's our job. We will prepare and provide you with all the necessary paperwork to complete the transaction at the border. Contact us for a complete list of required documents.

Which border crossing should I use?

Click here for a list of U.S.- Canada border crossing points. Be aware that the paperwork we prepare MUST arrive at the border crossing of your choice at least three business days before you cross.

Do I need a passport to cross the border?
Thousands of Canadians cross into the U.S. daily for business, commerce, or vacation. The Canada Border Services Agency lists the options for documents you will need to visit the U.S.

Where can I get more information?

The BEST site to obtain up-to-date information is directly from the Canadian Government - Canadian Registrar of Imported Vehicles, an entire organization created to assist Canadians in importing cars back into Canada. When we have questions, we call the RIV directly at 1-888-848-8240. They are very helpful.

How do I get started?

Start shopping now, then CALL 800.439.8989 and ask to speak to John,  our import specialist, or email him at
  with your questions.


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